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We have been putting together dedicated tech teams for 4 years now. Comparing our solution with a software developer company, we’re not just developing a software based on our client’s needs, but we hire the software team, who can develop the system, and can also represent the company. Differently from others, here the developers only work for that one specific client, so the founder can feel like he has his own team.

Since we also provide not just the developers, but the whole infrastructure – office space, hardware and required software – our client can work together with his team anytime. Each of the team members have the commitment to the project, they are well motivated and ambitious to make the product successful.

It’s also important that the team is scalable. It means, that the client anytime can increase or reduce the size of its team.

Beyond the aforementioned services, we offer a basic project management service too, where we help the startup putting together the technical specification and a system plan, before they would start developing the code. During the development period, the lead developer is always there to help and consult with the client and the team.

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Faced with the fact that visiting customer service offices personally for administration is always time-consuming, inconvenient and in some cases nerve-racking, TechTeamer realized the increased importance of creating an online customer service and sales channel with live video and audio.

TechTeamer is driven by a perpetual hunger for achievements and for solving everyday problems using the latest technologies and methods, so we merged all the features and tools used during an on-location customer encounter into a single virtual solution in order to make administration an effective, fast and pleasant experience for both operators and clients as well.

Building upon these experiences and having an extensive technological knowledge, we created the Virtual Customer Service and Sales System.

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 Dedicated development team

We will help you in assembling your own developer team in order to start working on making your dream come true. You can manage your team from anywhere, as each and every developer working for you is fluent in English, and is able to work in any time zone. We help our clients with our services that make them more flexible, more cost-effective, more efficient and agile, and ready to face the unexpected business challenges of the 21st century.

Currently we are operating in 3 different offices across the globe: San Francisco, New York and Budapest. Besides the very good allocation of locations, we have two unique services, that make us different in what we do and how we do it:

  • Our developer services are not entirely remote, we combine the advantages of distant work with the benefits of personal contact. We believe, that direct meeting builds a solid ground for continous progress and mutual trust in both parties, therefore in 50% of the cases the dedicated team goes to the client and they work together personally.
  • After the expiration of the initial contract, the client has the option to take over the entire team, as our company and its employees are entitled for obtaining a work visa in the United States.
 Technical assistance

Full second grade and priority technical assistance for software companies in numerous fields.

  • Databases (SQL/NOSQL)
  • PHP frameworks
  • JavaScript (NodeJS) systems
  • Web frontend
 Software quality assurance and testing

With our assistance we help you to decrease income loss due to system bugs and downtime and avoid regression errors due to insufficient software testing.

  • Functional testing
  • Integration tests
  • Test automation
  • Unit Tests
  • TDD and BDD
 Product development

We help our clients with development following the entire lifecycle of the product through a variety of technology stacks across diverse business areas.

  • Product positioning
  • Market validation
  • Target group mapping
  • A/B testing
  • Architecture planning
 IT due diligence

IT Due Diligence is a general IT audit covering information technology as a whole, but only focusing on the main areas of risk, usually ordered by investors to learn about the IT status of the company to be acquired. IT Due Diligence embodies the companies' caution in connection with acquisitions or other transactions of greater importance.

In terms of scope, it includes the investigation of the IT institution, IT processes, business-critical IT systems, infrastructure and the control environment of the company intended to be acquired.

The examination helps to identify the potential strengths, weaknesses and improvement opportunities, thus providing tangible value and financial benefit. The major risks involved in the acquisition are offset by the considerable experience, efficiency, global knowledge base, proven approach and independence of our colleagues, thereby supporting the most appropriate decision.

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 Cloud-based solutions

We support the entire development cycle from specification, design, licensing, migration licensing, through the cloud-infrastructure, ongoing maintenance and support.

  • Cloud based application development
  • Cloud infrastructure services
  • Cloud-based solutions for big-data resource
  • DevOps
  • Advisory services

Designing effective user interfaces for your innovative software products focused on your business needs.

  • Responsive design
  • UI and UX, Web and mobile applications
  • Information Architechture
  • Wireframing
  • Creative management and control
  • User experience strategy
  • UI/UX consulting

Optimization of the delivery processes through the management of the production infrastructure and the construction of effective collaborative environment.

  • Automated infrastructure construction
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Custom development of control panels, tools, APIs and caches
  • Migration of the IT infrastructure to private or open clouds
  • DevOps assessment and consulting
 High availability systems

The development of robust architectures for high availability systems, with the ability to serve many data retrieval requests.

  • Robust architecture design
  • Robust and high-performance applications
  • Optimization of existing systems
  • Performance and stress test
  • Support and update of heavy-duty systems
 Enterprise mobile solutions

The full development cycle of enterprise mobile solutions from architecture through back-end and front-end to quality control.

  • Customized enterprise mobile applications
  • Application integration
  • Enterprise mobile technology consulting
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Development of complex PHP projects for software companies throughout Europe and North America.

  • Database-driven sites
  • Upgrading legacy applications
  • Custom Web application development

We have experience in full stack Javascript development which covers both backend (nodejs) and frontend parts.

  • Web applications
  • One page - rich applications
  • Online applications
  • Desktop applications

We have extensive expertise in .NET development to provide high-quality outsourcing solutions to our partners in a variety of areas.

  • Web applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Mobile development
  • Enterprise solutions

Our smartphone development creates native, custom-made, customer related or business process supporting iOS application created for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

  • Custom iOS application development
  • iPhone/iPad game development
  • Enterprise iOS apps
  • Mobile commerce applications
  • IOS social media applications
  • Applications for wearable devices
  • Testing, deploying and maintaining iOS applications
  • Post-market entry consulting

The Android development outsourcing specialist consumer and enterprise applications is to create the initial idea, the native of post-market consulting.

  • Custom Android application development
  • Game Development For Android
  • Enterprise-Android applications
  • Mobile commerce applications
  • Social media apps for Android
  • Android applications for wearable devices
  • Testing, deployment and maintenance of Android applications
  • Post-market entry consulting
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MKB Bank

  • Task: Developing, integrating and operating TechTeamer’s product, the Virtual Customer Service and Sales System which makes it possible to manage issues and procedures effectively via video calls.

  • Technologies: WebRTC, Node.js, WebSocket, Javascript

  • Group size: 5 people

Mastercard Advisors

  • Task: Developing smartphone application.

  • Technologies: Android, iOS

  • Group size: 3 people

OTP Bank

  • Task: Developing smartphone application.

  • Technologies: Android, iOS

  • Group size: 3 people

  • Task: Doing side projects, comprehensive UX designs and creating tools for in-house use.

  • Technologies: PHP, Symfony 3, Node.js, AngularJS

  • Group size: 5 people

  • Task: Creating an entire e-learning platform, WebRTC based virtual classrooms and online courses and developing native mobile applications.

  • Technologies: PHP, Symfony 2, Javascript, MySQL, .NET, iOS

  • Group size: 15 people

  • Task: Website development.

  • Technologies: PHP, Symfony 2, JavaScript, AngularJS, MySQL

  • Task: Website development.

  • Technologies: PHP, Symfony 2, JavaScript, AngularJS, MySQL


  • Task: Develop a single platform where you can prepare, dispatch and track all your shipments for your customers and deliver them using the best suitable carrier.

  • Technologies: PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, AWS

  • Group size: 6 people

  • Developing time: 1+ years

Digital Factory

  • Task: Develop a complete KPI system, which is capable to satisfy startup managements’ needs and to collect KPI data from Digital Factory’s affiliated company.

  • Technologies: PHP, Symfony 2, Javascript, MMSQL, MySQL, iOS, Android.

  • Group size: 6 people

  • Developing time: 4 months

La mome

  • Task: Develop and maintain the education system and the website of La mome. Develop a native iOS, Android mobile application to provide the La mome social entertainment, built in full-stack messenger.

  • Technologies: PHP, Symfony 2, JavaScript, My SQL, .NET, iOS, Android

  • Groupsize: 5 people

  • Developing time: 1+ year


  • Task: Develop and maintain the webshop of Eoptika.

  • Design: UI, Graphics

  • Group size: 3 people

  • Developing time: 1+ year

Lingo Education

  • Task: Develop web applications and features, recognizing words based on artificial intelligence and recommend possible unknown words based on customs. Develop different kinds of web and mobile games to learn words easier.

  • Technologies: PHP, Symfony 2, JavaScipt, NLP (Natural Language Processing), MySQL, .NET, iOS, Android

  • Design: UI, Graphics

  • Group size: 12 people

  • Developing time: 4+ years

  • Acquired by 2014


  • Task: Develop a complete auction site like Ebay, with its paying modules and web applications.

  • Technologies: PHP, Symfony 2, JavaScript, MySQL, .NET

  • Design: UI, Graphics

  • Group size: 6 people

  • Developing time: 2 years

  • Task: Complete website and mobile application development.

  • Technologies: PHP, Symfony 2, JavaScript, Xamarin, iOS, Android

  • Group size: 6 people

  • Developing time: 1 year


  • Task: Investment management system development.

  • Technologies: PHP, Silex, SQLite, Javascript

  • Task: Complete website and mobile application development.

  • Technologies: PHP, Symfony 2, JavaScript, Xamarin, iOS, Android

  • Task: Company is focusing on the development of an innovative opto-electric pH and temperature sensor and a CO2 and NH3 detector combined with IT technologies in order to maintain dairy cattle health, improve feed efficiency and increase milk production and ultimately the business profitability.

  • Technologies: SpagoBi, AEON Cloud Messaging, IOS, Android

  • Group size: 5 people

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Forbes – Full Interview – TechTeamer


“In my opinion” is an expensive word.

What do you need to develop for the world’s largest companies in the largest cities without any degrees in technician at the age of 28? You have to make every mistake while building the company to realize that the opportunity was in front of you all time, but you could not see it because of your own ego – says Zsigmond Bodnár the founder of TechTeamer.

Years ago I also thought that I just have to figure out ideas and everything else will come with it. After a few months trying in San Francisco I realized I shouldn’t always listen myself but to create solution to the potential the clients’ needs. Nobody was interested what I work but all developers were looking for a team, thus I founded my company, which started to work on an innovative method.

TechTeamer dedicates dozens of developers, project managers, CTOs for startups and enterprises. It has an office in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Budapest and in this autumn, it opens a new office in New York.

With the last he has help from his partner Imre Hild, who has been a key figure in the Hungarian startup ecosystem and worked in the epicentral of the financial world, at Wall Street.

“Zsigmond is one of those entrepreneurs who understands that form supposition you can only build air-castle, not a secure base. He learnt to ask, to analyses markets and which is more important, he learnt to listen to his clients.”

Despite the traditional software developing model, TechTeamer focuses on the needs of the clients and the engineers. It doesn’t want to monopolize the communication between them.

“A company in this virtual world can only survive if it has its own developing team. In our model, we involve the client from the very first time to choose the team, because we want him to use them as his own team. We provide a local and a foreign office as well. And after the end of the project they can take over the entire team.

This motivates, all developers to move. The frequently mentioned problem: deficit of developers is not a real problem. Only most of the companies are not able to motivate the developers with the sufficient challenges, environment, tools.

If the project is good and we can ensure a future picture for our employees, then most of the developers are willing to change their job. Therefore we can provide the best service for our clients.

PlayBoy – Full Interview –


Bodnár Zsigmond

He is only 27 years old, but already an experienced start-upper. Zsigmond Bodnár developed the eBay of education, where students and teachers find each other in a virtual space.

Where did the idea of iTeach came from?

I am a typical start-up story. I came from a wealthy family, thus I always wanted to business. I founded a few company, and in 2012 one of my friends called me and said that he had a company that need to be sold in the silicon-valley. I quit my job in Hungary and we went to the USA for three months. Back then we didn’t even know where we are going to live, but we knew that we want to work in San Francisco. Meanwhile I was dating with a girl, Vivien Sásdi, who was once on the front page of Playboy. I could convince her to come to the US and there she started studying in a language school.

How was a day there?

When we went to the USA, the first hit came immediately, the product wasn’t ready. We started to develop it, in the evenings we went to meetups to get more acquaintances, in the mornings we were working on our new contacts. There people found out that not the money is the most important but the connections.

Where did the teaching came from?

Once I was waiting for Vivi in the language school. A man was talking on the phone and gave a book to me. Then a newspaper of startups, then his laptop. I had never seen that guy before. He turned out to be Jean-Pierre Guittard. He was the owner of the language school and since then we are friends. After three months, we failed with our project: nobody wanted to invest, we ran out of money, so we came home. One month later Jean-Pierre visited us and he had a startup idea. I suggested him not to set up an engineer team in the US but I will hire them here and he will have his own team because these technologies require to develop them permanently. Also, the investors invest in teams not in a product.

What was the idea?

We started as Mega English and we wanted to create a product which improves the language learning. You download a browser application and after whenever you read an English word online and you click on it, the application will translate it. These words are saved to a personal dictionary. Now, we translate from English to 32 different languages.

How did iTeach become from this?

I enrolled to the Stanford University, where I learnt how to build up a startup. After this I convinced the major universities of Hungary to use my system. Encouraged by this we made a teacher portal where teachers can give foreign language texts to work with as a homework. We tried everything but we felt like it doesn’t work. Last May I sat down with 110 teachers one by one, introduced them the product and asked them what is missing, what would make more people to use the system. A question occurred: what else is necessary to teach live? At this moment, we found out that there isn’t any virtual classroom on the market where all the tools are available just like in a traditional classroom. Now, with only one click, you can start your virtual classroom, where you can see each other, there is a chat, you can share documents and videos. Soon these classes will be rewatchable. Now you can learn everything on iTeach, from wine courses to face gymnastic.

How did you break out from the circle of language teachers?

I was presenting the system for an enterprise’s head of security, who said that it is genial, but why do you use it only for language courses? There I realized that we can use it to all kind of teaching. Here the name of the company became Searching teachers is also a successful story: for a 30 thousand HUF Facebook advertisement 400 teachers applied. Not long ago we made an experiment in a language school with those who stepped out from the borders of physical teaching: with the help of iTeach they made 185% of growth in the first month.

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