We deliver complex PHP projects

With the use of LAMP and other open source technologies we have been working on several large outsourcing jobs, developing project management software, REST APIs, flexible SEO systems, scripting new CMS system for multilingual newspapers, social networks and for server-side and front end multimedia applications.

We have experience in delivering PHP projects for successful European firms.

  • Database-driven sites

  • Upgrading legacy applications

  • Custom Web application development




As an open source scripting language, PHP can access a wide variety of directory and file extensions. By modifying the source code, custom made extensions and components can be produced.



Designed specifically for working with web sites, PHP has some built-in features that enable developers to create web sites much faster.

Security and stability

Security and stability

PHP offers several levels of security and will help prevent attacks. PHP is also very stable and the bugs can be fixed quickly.

Some of the frameworks we use


The Laravel framework is aimed at simplifying the process of application development: authentication, route selection, sessions and caching. This framework has an effective ORM (object-relational mapping) and database layer.


Symfony is a framework including each layer of the development, which includes huge overhead, thus offers great code generation. With the help of his framework developers can embed almost any database manager as a built-in module.


The aim of the CakePHP framework is to make the development process seamless. The framework uses a unique MVC pattern, which helps separating the operational logic from the visualization, that is very useful for large sites.


The Yii framework is a great for creating layered structure web sites. The framework has embedded authentication capability and RBAC (Role Based Access Control {role-based access control}) authentication in order to simplify the process.

PHP driven platforms

  • Facebook
  • Wikipedia
  • Flickr
  • Yahoo
  • iStock
  • Tumblr

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