Native applications for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Since the release of the first iPhone in 2007 we develop elegant and intuitive, popular iOS applications. We brought dozens of applications to the market successfully, outsourced and own products as well.

We can help you with a powerful custom-made applications to take advantage of the capabilities of iOS in serving multi-faceted business needs of various industries, let it be customer related or business process supporting application. Armed with the throughout knowledge of UI/UX and iOS development processes we develop robust and comprehensive iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch applications.

  • Custom iOS application development

  • iPhone/iPad game development

  • Enterprise iOS apps

  • Mobile commerce applications

  • IOS social media applications

  • Applications for wearable devices

  • Testing, deploying and maintaining iOS applications

  • Post-market entry consulting

Why choose us

Top rated applications

Top rated applications

We create popular mobile apps, downloaded by more than 3 million users from Google Play and the App Store. Our game Elements: 2014 Epic Heroes, running on mobile devices was the second best new game featured on Google Play.

Transparent pricing

Transparent pricing

We offer flat fee scale, without hidden fees and commissions. If you wish to change or add functionality, or even rethink the entire concept of your iOS application, we can agree on a fixed monthly fee, which provides you the perfect flexibility in order to reach your goals.

A wide range of expertise

A wide range of expertise

You will find much more than just iOS development at the TechTeamer dedicated developer teams. We've created such an environment, where informative iOS developers collaborate with other software development professionals who have experience in many layers of the production, and work with breakthrough technologies, such as the Internet of Things and Virtual Reality.

Post-market consulting

Post-market consulting

After your application has been released, the TechTeamer dedicated development team helps you with post-development advice in optimization, innovation and increasing the engagement.

We know well


Objective-C is a well-proven language, which is behind most of the iOS applications. Although most of the new iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch applications are made in Swift, we will help you with the maintenance and upgrading your existing Objective-C applications.


The dedicated developers of TechTeamer improve their knowledge in Swift since 2014, in a programming language, which is going to replace the Objective-C language in making applications for iOS, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch. Currently all our iOS developers are familiar with the Swift and use this for immersive, responsive customer related applications.

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