Scalable applications that operate under high pressure

As a result of the decade-long experience in creating software for innovative businesses, we know everything about how to plan and prepare robust architectures that can bear high loads. Performance, efficiency, scalability, and reliability. We take these into account first, and then we merge them through our expertise in big-data processing, cloud based computer science, database administration and dev-ops.

We make responsive and fast web applications with the use of technologies like Python, Scala, Java, and NodeJS. Our areas of expertise include real-time booking platforms, the MMO RPGs and the industry-specific, heavy-duty systems of biotechnology, telecommunications and financial technology companies. Focusing on the load balancing, we deliver such fault-tolerant applications that are able to handle the maximal number of connections with a short response time.

  • Robust architecture design

  • Robust and high-performance applications

  • Optimization of existing systems

  • Performance and stress test

  • Support and update of heavy-duty systems

We operate in the following industries



Innovative health, biotechnology and life science software solutions complete development cycle.



User friendly mobile and Web applications, BSS/OSS software solutions, VoIP services and in-depth industry expertise.

Finance and banking

Finance and banking

Comprehensive software solutions for the financial and banking institutions.



Bringing to life educational projects of any size and complexity, including e-learning portals and web-based education system solutions.

Why choose us

  • Reliability

    We deliver systems that are insensitive to software and network component failures including software and network crashes, moreover we provide a high level of availability of user content within the system. Our goal is to achieve zero downtime, which is very important in the telecommunications, financial and health care industries.

  • Performance

    Creating heavy-duty applications we successfully overcome performance challenges. Our system architecture-approach allows us to provide high computing speed and provide continuous availability along short response time. In order to improve performance, we use load balancing and cloud-based capabilities for the most important user actions and real-time data processing.

  • Efficiency

    In case of working with large data sets we get the best use of hardware resources. We are able to optimize the memory usage and the available processing capacity by using URnode.js-based event driven and distributed architectures. Our experts use concise languages such as Scala, to achieve greater productivity with fewer code lines.

  • Scalability

    Armed with a thorough knowledge of functional programming in Scala the dedicated software developer teams of TechTeamer create robust applications that can be scaled up and out the network to one or more server cores. Scalable systems can handle the growing amount of tasks and to serve more user needs.

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