Creating new opportunities for the companies using mobile technology

TechTeamer is an experienced service provider in Eastern Europe, creating enterprise mobile solutions from architecture through back-end and front-end to quality control. In the field of mobile solutions offered for startups and enterprises our main specialization is industrial automation. We automate on-site activities and integrate them through mobile devices in the enterprise business processes.

The dedicated mobile developer team of TechTeamer develop solutions, which prevent unauthorized access to the small and enterprise applications, and help protect data stored on small and large corporate mobile devices. Beyond industrial automation, our mobile solutions grant easy access to shared data and applications from anywhere, and promote cooperation within the large organizations to facilitate faster and more efficient decision-making, and reduce operating costs.

  • Customized enterprise mobile applications

  • Application integration

  • Enterprise mobile technology consulting

The following industries we operate in



Flexible and versatile IT solutions for global industrial manufacturing companies, helping them speed up their digital conversion.



Comprehensive software solutions for mobile, web and cloud-based platforms for the leading players of hospitality and real-time bookings.

Financial technology

Financial technology

Software engineering services and comprehensive solutions to meet the growing demands of modern finance.

Why choose us

  • Security

    Our specialists familiar with technological threat detecting ensure that you are protected from IT and business data leaking attacks. We use a multi-layered approach that protects sensitive data at all levels: at the level of applications, data and tools.

  • Flexibility

    The enterprise mobile applications prepared by dedicated developer teams of TechTeamer are ready for use on such new devices, such as wearable gears and other new market innovations. With our help you can build a scalable architecture, which will not limit you in choosing the platforms and technologies. Our long-term experience in innovation and putting mobile technologies in the focus helps you in leading the way in the changes of the mobile industry.

  • Platform independence

    We deliver enterprise mobile apps that do not depend on a specific device or platform, however are closely linked to your organization's business processes at the same time. The software development experts of the TechTeamer dedicated developer teams often use cloud technologies to make your company’s mobile applications safer and easier to access.

  • Innovation

    Besides meeting the continuous demand for mobile solutions made for startups and enterprises, our main goal through making use of new technologies and operational methods. Our know-how, that is available within the team and is encompassing all levels of the development technology makes it possible to create breakthrough, industry-specific solutions.

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