The DevOps reduces the market entry time of software products and improve the productivity of your developer team

The demand for DevOps continues to grow among ISV and SaaS businesses rolling out web-based applications weekly or daily. They need to have DevOps engineers, who help them in increasing the performance and scalability of the huge distributed infrastructure components that can handle millions of requests with less than a second delay in a fault-tolerant manner.

Our DevOps service (Outsourced DevOps) will help you in the monitoring and automation of the server and network infrastructure responsible for the daily proper and continuous functioning of your production services. As the responsible for maintaining and correcting the availability and stability of the service availability, we handle planned and unplanned maintenance. As your service grows, we do the necessary capacity and capability extension.

Our DevOps department consists of engineers with 6-10 years of experience with a strong background in continuous integration as well as build- and version management. We use cloud to automate the complete delivery process and for the stability and scalability of our customer’s infrastructure.

  • Automated infrastructure construction

  • Continuous Delivery

  • Custom development of control panels, tools, APIs and caches

  • Migration of the IT infrastructure to private or open clouds

  • DevOps assessment and consulting

Our tools

  • Puppet Labs
  • Vagrant
  • Jenkins
  • Docker
  • Chef
  • Amazon

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