Exploiting the possibilities offered by the cloud in your business

We live in the era of the Cloud, when more and more corporations, start-up businesses and ISVS move their business towards software service (SaaS), the platform service (PaaS) and infrastructure service (IaaS) business models. The cloud-based solutions allow you to access data and applications through globally managed and globally distributed servers ensuring secure data storage and on-demand availability.

Our cloud-based solutions can be found at financial technology enterprise clients, in the hospitality industry, media and entertainment industry, as well as we help the firms entering the market in big data processing and building their infrastructure in the cloud.

The TechTeamer dedicated development teams working in the Hungarian service centers support organizations during the entire development cycle, from the design, licensing, migration, shifting to the cloud infrastructure through the continuous maintenance and support. As the drive motor in migrating your business to cloud, we ensure you to receive the benefits when we help you preparing your applications flexibly and simply.

  • Cloud-based applications development

  • Cloud infrastructure services

  • Cloud-based solutions for big data task

  • DevOps

  • Advisory services

The following industries we operate in

Finance and banking

Finance and banking

Comprehensive software solutions for the financial and banking institutions.



Creation of educational projects of any size and complexity, including e-learning portals and web-based education system solutions.



Comprehensive software solutions for mobile, web and cloud-based platforms for hospitality and the leading players of real-time booking.

Media and entertainment

Media and entertainment

Cutting edge software solutions for publishers, digital agencies, media enterprises and game producing companies.



Flexible and versatile IT solutions for global industrial manufacturing companies, helping them speed up the digital conversion of their business.

Why the cloud

  • Scalability

    The majority of cloud-based solution offers the resources to scale dynamically, almost in real time. This allows the growth of the organization based on their needs.

  • Accessibility

    The cloud-based products and services are made available using a web browser, regardless of the location and the type of device used (e.g. PC, cell phone). Simply connect to the distributed infrastructure from anywhere, without delay.

  • Decreasing time to market

    The cloud enables you to reduce the time of entry into the market significantly, since it is not necessary to build and maintain a platform for the codes. Through the cloud-infrastructure they can deliver frequent software updates without interruptions to the end users.

  • Security

    In terms of security, it is often better to keep the application data and inftastructure in the cloud, as on a physical server in the office. The cloud service companies protect your confidential data through complex, cutting edge systems and dedicate resources t solve any of your information security problems.

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